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Lateral entrants from abroad

Pupils with sufficient German language knowledge:

Enrolment takes place at the school in question.

Decisions about school credits earned by young people who have not yet completed their schooling abroad and want to transfer to a German school in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) are taken by the head teacher of the respective school in consultation with the responsible education authority. The previous schooling and the foreign certificate get included in the decision.

Pupils lacking German language skills:

To integrate children and young people with migrant backgrounds respectively with lacking German knowledge, various support programmes are run by the schools to help the children and young people learn and improve German and obtain German school qualifications, e.g.:

  • preparatory classes for children and young people without a knowledge of German (Vorbereitungskurse)
  • special support lessons outside school hours for children and young people who are already taught in integrated classes with German children and need to improve their German skills

Advisory centre for school-aged children and youth lacking German language skills

In Bonn you will find a „Beratungsstelle für schulpflichtige Kinder und Jugendliche ohne ausreichende Deutschkenntnisse beim Schulamt für die Stadt Bonn“ (Advisory Centre at the Schulamt für die Stadt Bonn (lower-level school supervisory authority) for school-aged children and youth lacking German language skills). This advisory centre is staffed by a professionally qualified teacher who is familiar with the Bonn „school landscape“ and will put you in contact with the relevant schools. 

The contact details including opening hours can be found  here.