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As a host city, Bonn does not only offer a broad spectrum of leisure and recreational activities, but has also established a platform for newcomers, so that they may become acquainted with what is on offer in Bonn and feel a little more at home away from home.

Bonn Expat events

Regular Bonn Expat evenings and informal get-togethers provide first-hand information for new arrivals and an opportunity to socialize. For more details and upcoming events, visit (opens in a new tab). Here you will also find information about Bonn and the region, ranging from finding the right place to eat to meeting like-minded people or getting around in Bonn. The page also lists useful links for all who have recently settled in Germany.

International services by the City of Bonn

The City of Bonn supports the work of the United Nations in Bonn in numerous ways.

VHS adult education center offers an English programme for expats

The Volkshochschule Bonn (VHS) adult education center includes classes in its regular programme which particularly address the English-speaking citizens of Bonn. The former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany has become Germany's UN City and has thus attracted a considerable number of international organizations. Many employees of the UN, of international institutions and global players, such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post DHL, come from abroad. These so-called expats live and work in Bonn for a limited time. VHS provides these foreign guests with the opportunity to get to know their host city a little more and, at the same time, to get in touch with Bonn´s local residents.

For more information please visit (opens in a new tab) or call 0228 773355. 

Bonn Expats on Facebook

 Bonn Expats (opens in a new tab) consists of more than 11.000 members of international organizations in Bonn. They are the biggest international community in Bonn. Their purpose is to conduct networking and information sharing for all members. (opens in a new tab)
A useful website which tells you everything you need to know about living and working in Germany as a foreigner. (opens in a new tab)
Great website to get an overview of prices and costs in Bonn. (opens in a new tab)
An information resource, a meeting point, and a communication platform for English speakers throughout Germany (opens in a new tab)
An English-language website of Bonn´s local newspaper (opens in a new tab)
An English-language website of the popular German magazine (opens in a new tab)
Provider of English daily news, features and practical information on living abroad in English for the international community in Germany (opens in a new tab)
German national news by Germany’s international broadcaster 'Deutsche Welle'

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