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UN in Bonn

Bonn has managed to shape for itself a new profile as the German City of the United Nations. Since July 1996, Bonn is entitled to call itself a UN City.

UN organizations, federal ministries and authorities, around 150 non-governmental organizations, scientific institutions, Deutsche Welle and the local global players of the economy also shape the international location in terms of content. Every year, the UN organizations operating in Bonn hold international conferences on their topics at the location.

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in November 2017, Bonn once again moved into the spotlight as an international conference location.

The UN in Bonn: Shaping a sustainable future

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Bonn is characterized by the work and goals of the United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals as laid down in the Agenda 2030 do not only form the core of the work of Bonn's UN organizations, but also serve as the basis for Bonn's own local sustainability strategy.

UN Bonn

26 UN entities and 1,000 staff members are working in Bonn for a sustainable future