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Currently, there are approximately 1,000 staff members employed across the roughly twenty UN organizations, programmes and offices in Bonn. In line with the motto „Shaping a Sustainable Future“, they have given themselves a thematic umbrella. From Bonn, they are helping governments and people around the globe to find answers and ways towards a sustainable future for all.

UN Bonn Information has published a brochure on the work of the Bonn-based UN agencies:

The employees of the UN family in Bonn say "thank you".

The following UN agencies are working from Bonn:

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  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Tiefbauamt/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • City of Bonn
  • City of Bonn

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