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Climate action in Bonn.

The City of Bonn has been committed to climate protection since the mid-1990s and takes responsibility to locally combat or limit the causes and consequences of climate change. Ultimately, the incentive was also due to the establishment of the UN Climate Secretariat in Bonn.

A local approach to a global challenge

Important steps into this direction were an initial energy and climate protection scheme, detailed CO2 accounting, and a comprehensive action plan. 
The aim is

  • to reduce energy input
  • to use energy efficiently
  • to replace fossil energy sources by renewable energy sources and
  • to reduce CO2 emissions through sustainable mobility.

At the beginning of this decade, questions of resilience to climate change and its effects were increasingly brought to the fore. In Bonn, due to its location in the Rhine valley, the impacts of climate change go along with an especially problematic urban climate.

Climate protection control centre

A city such as Bonn has the potential to advance and control climate action and climate adaptation in various areas of activity. This involves city planning, energy supply and public relations as well as the political commitment in city networks.

In order to coordinate activities on climate protection and climate adaptation, the city administration has set up its own climate protection control centre. For example, it controls the city's internal climate protection management and is supported by representatives from a wide range of specialist areas. The climate protection campaign sensitises Bonn's citizens to climate protection and shows them alternative courses of action.

As part of the Covenant of Mayors, the City of Bonn has committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions in Bonn by 20 percent by 2020. A reduction of 90 to 95 percent by 2050 is targeted.

With regard to climate adaptation, the City of Bonn is pursuing the goal of continuously developing into a climate-dependent city. The main measures are:

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