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Welcome Services for NGOs

Bonn  offers  a  favorable  climate  for partnerships,  for  cooperation and synergies, uniting actors and fostering the international dialogue on future-oriented issues. 

Newcomers will not only benefit from the strong presence of international key actors, but they will also find an international, multicultural, tolerant and safe environment, and they will receive assistance for their relocation and activities.

Situated on the banks of the river Rhine, Bonn is an inviting city featuring a plethora of cultural events and leisure activities. 

So, welcome to Bonn! Join us and help shape the world’s future!

NGO Services

The City of Bonn supports the settlement and work of internationally active non-governmental organizations in the fields of environment, climate and sustainable development by

  • Providing advice on administrative and legal aspects of relocation / establishment (association / corporate laws)
  • Supporting the search for suitable properties
  • Assisting with formalities and official matters
  • Offering annual partnerships
  • Providing services for employees on site
Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability
Head of office: Stefan Wagner