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International location

The foundations for Bonn’s international profile today were laid in the Berlin-Bonn Law, which defines as a central task Bonn’s continuous development as a location for development policy, national, international and supranational institutions.

As Germany’s United Nations City and home to many international or internationally operating organizations, Bonn has become a hub of a network whose actors are dedicated to solving the questions relating to sustainable human development. The United Nations, federal ministries and federal superior authorities, around 150 non-governmental organizations and the local global players of the economy all shape the international location. In addition, Bonn has also developed an internationally oriented scientific profile with excellent networks.

As a conference venue, Bonn was able to prove its experience many times over. It was only in November of 2017 that Bonn hosted the 23rd Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (COP 23 of UNFCCC) for two weeks. With well over 15,000 participants, the conference posed a major logistical challenge, which the host city mastered with flying colors.

As a growing international location, Bonn is also home to a steadily increasing number of international employees and their families. The city’s roughly 320,000 inhabitants now come from over 170 countries. For many of them, the attractive city on the Rhine has become their new home away from home.