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European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

In December 2020, the Council of the European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasts selected Germany with Bonn as location for the new premises of ECMWF in the European Union. 

The City of Bonn looks forward to welcoming the ECMWF!

This special web offer is intended for the staff of ECMWF and their spouses, partners and families, and includes a presentation of Bonn as well as detailed information about the City’s special ECMWF Welcome Service.

Welcome by Mayor Katja Dörner

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New offices, to be located in Bonn, Germany, and with a focus on activities that ECMWF conducts in partnership with the EU, will start to welcome staff around summer 2021.

To ensure that the scientific and technical synergies which have been key to ECMWF’s success over the years continue to flourish, it is planned that some staff from the Centre’s core activities will also move to the new facility. Whilst the first wave of staff to move around mid-2021 will be accommodated in temporary offices, it is expected that the new and permanent ECMWF offices will become available in Bonn in 2025.

This move to a multi-site operation aims to foster even more collaboration across Europe.

The new offices to open in Bonn will provide ECMWF with a very favourable central location in Europe as well as a high density of world-class scientific institutions in the immediate surroundings, not only in Germany. Whilst the actual building will not be available until 2026, ECMWF will have access from 2021 to a close-by temporary facility meeting all of the Centre’s requirements.