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Information on Bonn for ECMWF

Bonn is a vibrant, modern, international city, with the ease, charm and tranquillity of a leafy town or village. Situated on the banks of the Rhine, the city is surrounded by rolling hills and enchanting castles. The city is embedded in the strong Cologne/Bonn region, with diverse arts, sports and leisure activities, excellent job opportunities, a wide selection of places to live and excellent transport connections. This, coupled with excellent and affordable childcare, kindergartens and international schools, and outstanding medical care, results in a high standard of living and quality of life for the whole family. Newcomers to Bonn are instantly struck by its welcoming atmosphere and the warm and friendly nature of locals – the Rhineland spirit of cheerfulness and tolerance is known throughout Germany. Residents from 180 countries live, work and socialise together in harmony. Attitudes are cosmopolitan and communities are multicultural, educated, and open minded. There are a number of international meet ups, groups, and clubs for expats, as well as cuisines from around the world, and a diverse mix of cultural events. 

Bonn looks forward to welcoming the ECMWF!

Some impressions on video

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