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Military Support Vessel EGV Bonn

The German Navy support vessel was officially commissioned in Wilhelmshaven in September 2013. EGV Bonn is the third support vessel of the German Navy. All are named after cities with a long democratic tradition: Berlin, Frankfurt and Bonn.

The City of Bonn and the ship’s crew have maintained close relations since. City representatives have visited the crew on various occasions and crew members have sold hot wine, tea and hot chocolate during Bonn’s annual Christmas Market in the city center. Proceeds have been donated to charitable causes in Bonn and in Wilhelmshaven.

Another friendly tie between the naval ship "Bonn" and its patron city was established in April 2018: A delegation of the "Bonn" visited the elementary school Carl-Schurz-Grundschule, where the ship's crew had decided to get involved. In October 2018, the students were able to visit the ship at its home port of Wilhelmshaven. And crew members designed parts of the schoolyard according to the children’s wishes.