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Obtaining a work permit and finding a job

Before accepting a job in Germany, you must ensure that you are entitled to do so. See how you may apply for a work permit in Bonn or where you find personal career counseling assistance and local job offers.

In order to work in Germany, you must have a work permit (Arbeitserlaubnis). Citizens of EU member states enjoy the same status as German nationals. All others must apply for a work permit (if they are not exempt from it by a special agreement) at the city administration of Bonn. The Employment Agency Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (Agentur für Arbeit Bonn/Rhein-Sieg) will then comment on this application and investigate whether the vacancy has to remain available for a privileged unemployed person.

The Employment Agency Bonn/Rhein-Sieg also offers job placement, job counselling, and personal career counselling assistance: Careers information is available in the careers information center (Berufsinformationszentrum, BIZ). The Virtual Working Market (called VAM) is a self-service job market that is updated daily. You may use the web-page of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit: for further information and job offers.

Contact data:

Agentur für Arbeit Bonn/Rhein-Sieg
Villemombler Straße 101
53104 Bonn-Duisdorf (Hardtberg)
Phone: 0180 1555 111 (opens in a new tab)

Berufsinformationszentrum BIZ (Careers Information Center) and
Hochschulteam der Agentur für Arbeit Bonn (University Team of the Employment Agency)
Villemombler Straße 101
53104 Bonn-Duisdorf (Hardtberg)
Phone: 0228 924-0
Email:  bonn.bizarbeitsagenturde

Another possibility is to contact placement agencies (Vermittlungsagenturen) and temporary job placement agencies (Zeitarbeitsfirmen).

Foreigners who are authorized to be employed but for whom reasonable work cannot be immediately found, receive unemployment funds or unemployment assistance under certain circumstances, according to the law on employment support. Periods of employment completed and insurance paid abroad may be recognized under the terms of international agreements.

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  • Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn