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Bonn Ambassadors

Germany-wide as well as abroad, the City of Bonn stands for internationality and economic potential. Bonn as international location sends out signals for sustainable development and cooperation into the world. As a location for business, the city is characterized by innovation and strong economic potential.

The Bonn Ambassadors with former Mayor Ashok Sridharan

In both of these areas, local personalities have been found whose reputation and international networks are excellent and whose opinion easily makes its weight felt. These personalities are willing to take Bonn abroad, advocating the city’s special assets and profile. When communicating with their counterparts or travelling abroad, they learn about new ideas and projects first-hand. Owing to their excellent contacts, they can bring up the City of Bonn during the initial planning phase of relocation processes or new settlements, or for future cooperation and conferences. And they are willing to do so.

The first Bonn Ambassadors were officially appointed in 2014.
Bonn Business Ambassadors and Bonn International Ambassadors alike have engaged in this informal and honorary commitment for Bonn in favor of Bonn’s future economic and international development. They are supported by respective points of contact within Bonn’s city administration.

March 2019: Meeting of the Bonn Ambassadors in the Old Town Hall

Personalities from the fields of international affairs, business and science are committed to Bonn as an international and business location with their honorary office. Mayor Sridharan appointed three new Business Ambassadors at a network meeting in the Old Town Hall on 26 March.

"Together we have achieved a lot for Bonn in the past two years," said former Mayor Ashok Sridharan in his welcoming address to Bonn’s International Ambassadors and Business Ambassadors. He gave the guests a review of developments in the international arena: starting with the successful COP 23 World Climate Conference in autumn 2017, which enhanced Bonn’s international reputation as a conference venue and hub for sustainability, to the expansion and further development of Bonn’s UN family, to the strengthening of the international presence with the participation of the Mayor in numerous conferences in the field of sustainable development.

The Mayor also drew a successful balance in the economic and scientific fields. With the founding of the Bonn Cyber Security Cluster last October, the topic of cyber security in Bonn was strengthened: "Bonn is to be further developed into a nationally and internationally respected and recognized cyber security location," said the former Mayor. He also emphasized the importance of science for the location. "The University of Bonn, the universities in the region, science and research organizations as well as federal institutions and organizations of research management and research promotion - all these are formative institutions, important employers, places of education and research and important players in various networks," emphasized Sridharan.

The new ambassadors are managing directors of renowned companies and have good national and international networks. They have long been actively involved in promoting Bonn as a business location at home and abroad.

A total of 35 ambassadors are now promoting Bonn as an international and business location.