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Early opportunities for toddlers and children, particular sports for adolescents or adults - there are many opportunities to take part in sports. Bonn has more than 100 municipal leisure and sports halls, 21 gym spaces, and 58 outside facilities perfect for keep-fit activities. There are 59 different sports to choose.

Spectators are also well catered to with a wide variety of professional and amateur sporting events. Traditional sports in Bonn include the "Bonn Lion" men's foil fencing world cup tournament, the world dance champion-ships, and the German three-day event equine championships on the Rodderberg. The "Telekom Baskets" play in the German Bundesliga and inspire spectators with their home games in the Telekom Dome, located in the Bonn district of Duisdorf.

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Whether football, rugby, chess or aikido, here you find training dates and relevant sports facilities on a map

Swimming pools

Panoramabad Rüngsdorf

Bonn has two indoor swimming pools, five open air swimming pools and one combined indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Furthermore, there is the swim training centre of Sportpark Nord.

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