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Sports. Swimming pools.

Early opportunities for toddlers and children, particular sports for adolescents or adults - there are many opportunities to take part in sports. Bonn has more than 100 municipal leisure and sports halls, 21 gym spaces, and 58 outside facilities perfect for keep-fit activities. There are 59 different sports to choose.

Sports clubs

Around a quarter of Bonn's citizens keep fit in nearly 400 gymnastics and sports clubs and company sports associations.

The range of sports on offer is broad and includes around 70 sports for every ability and age group: in addition to the popular sports of soccer, gymnastics and swimming, tennis, fencing, basketball, field hockey, badminton, horseback riding, diving, aikido, rugby, chess and cricket can be played in Bonn. In addition to popular sports, top-class sports are also very important in Bonn.

In many sports such as fencing, modern pentathlon, badminton, basketball and baseball, Bonn athletes have already won medals in international and national competitions or championships.

Swimming pools

Bonn has two indoor swimming pools, five open air swimming pools and one combined indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Furthermore, there is the swim training centre of Sportpark Nord. 


Large sports facilities in Bonn