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Cycling and mountain biking

More and more people are cycling and also mountain biking in Bonn. Mountain bikers use often forests - but they ride off the public trails and build their own trails, which has a negative impact on animals and plants. These are regulatory offenses that are punished with fines.

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Mountain biking

Unauthorized trails are an increasing problem. The Ennert nature reserve and the protected landscape areas in the Kottenforst are particularly affected. Mountain bikers create steep curves and build ramps and jumps with the help of stones, trees and earth. This has a negative impact on nature and its function for the climate as well as on the habitat of wildlife.

The City of Bonn therefore asks for mutual consideration and urgently appeals to mountain bikers to use only the designated public paths in the forests.

One possibility to practice the MTB type "dirtbike" is for example the dirtbike park of the "Radsportclub Sturmvogel Bonn" in Dottendorf, which can be used with a membership. The club is looking forward to accepting new members.

Other types of MTB, such as "downhill", are allowed only on official forest trails.

You use the forest for recreation, have suggestions around the topic of mountain biking in Bonn and would like to get involved?

We look forward to your feedback and engagement! Feel free to write to us at  mountainbikenbonnde