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By bus, train, cab or ferry around the city

Bonn is excellently networked: regional trains, light rail, streetcars, buses and ferries connect the city with the surrounding area and the districts with each other. Many projects are implemented to make the connections even more attractive and to encourage more people to use public transport instead of their cars.

To the route network map of SWB Bus und Bahn for Bonn.

The local road and public transportation network is very well developed. Bonn is in fact a city of short distances. Residential areas are well connected to the city centre.

The city of Bonn has an excellent local public transportation system with trams, subways, city trains, busses, and several Rhine river ferries. Local public transportation services operate very frequently. 

In Bonn, the transport sector is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions and also consumes a particularly large amount of energy. Bonn is to become climate-neutral by 2035. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to reduce motorized individual traffic – above all car traffic. Bonn residents can look forward to better air and less traffic noise.

To achieve this, local public transportation (ÖPNV) must become even more attractive, among other things by using modern vehicles, improving the quality of service and information, and providing barrier-free access. 

In addition, Bonn is to become the first city in Germany in which a cable car connects several parts of the city as an integrated part of the public transport system.

Read more about the  planning of the cable car (in German)

An app for Bonn: bus and train, rental bikes and a selection of e-scooters at a glance

BONNmobil – the mobility platform of SWB Bus und Bahn shows in real time when the bus is coming, where the next Nextbike is ready, what the battery status of the e-scooter is or how you can reach the sights. All means of transport can be booked and paid for centrally with the app.

More information (in German).

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