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The Mayor Katja Dörner

Sustainability and digitalization are the two major skills of the 21st century. Mayor Katja Dörner talks about digitally transforming municipal work and services, about digital literacy as an asset to communities and societies and about how smart, digital solutions can actually advance sustainable solutions in cities.

The video was recorded upon request of the Global Cities Hub in Geneva for the WSIS conference in English language. 

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Mayor Katja Dörner

Dear Bonn residents,
Dear Guests of our city,

As Mayor of Bonn, I follow the motto: Think globally and act locally.

Both as Germany's federal and United Nations City, Bonn has a special significance when it comes to the major challenges of our time.  

I am convinced that we can only successfully combat the climate crisis at the local level. Will we manage to turn the traffic around, will we make the city even more livable and attractive, and will the City of Bonn remain a courageous and solidarity-based city? The future will be decided here on the ground.

Together with the people of Bonn, I would like to take the right decisions for the future development of our city. In this process, each and every one of us is important. Bonn is colorful and diverse. Therefore I call upon you to get involved and participate in shaping our future! 

Also, I am happy about the guests who visit Bonn. You are most welcome! I wish you a pleasant stay in Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace, in our international city on the Rhine - here in the City of Bonn, which is just as steeped in history as it is forward-looking, a city that is both livable and lovable. See for yourself what variety is offered to you here!


Katja Dörner

The Mayor of Bonn Katja Dörner speaks to the International Community

Mayor Dörner joins Mayors Alliance for the European Green Deal

The path to achieving climate neutrality starts with action at the local level. Across Europe, cities are combatting climate change with innovative policies and successful initiatives. Bonn is boosting eco-mobility by adding fast bike lanes, converting its bus fleet to electric and working with citizens to become fully climate neutral by 2035. Mayor Dörner has recently joined the new Mayors Alliance for the European Green Deal. The Alliance brings together mayors who are committed to a sustainable transition. 

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