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Bonn’s Involvement in International City Networks

Sustainability is a common cause in Bonn that is increasingly reflected in Bonn’s own policy agenda. The municipality fosters action on all levels - with projects, initiatives and outreach to citizens and stakeholders in Bonn as well as through cooperation and a broad range of commitments, partnerships and alliances on an international and global scale.

While city-to-city-cooperation prioritizes bilateral exchange of experience and best practice as well as joint projects, the international networks offer additional dimensions to their members. Within a regional or global community, like-minded local governments can develop replicable tools and strategies based on a much wider range of experience. And - even more importantly - they can link local expertise, performance and knowledge to other levels of governance and to global stakeholder communities. Regional and global networks also advocate and negotiate the concrete role of local governments within global agendas.

At European level, Bonn is a member of Eurocities and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions as well as of the Covenant of Mayors and of Fairtrade Towns. On a global scale, Bonn has joined ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, the Climate Alliance, the World Alliance of Cities against Poverty as well as Mayors for Peace, for instance. Since March 2021, Mayor Dörner has co-chaired the ICLEI Global Executive Committee 2021-2024 portfolio on Climate Action and Low Emission Development.

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