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CEMR condemns the unjustifiable Russian invasion of Ukraine

CEMR's German section strongly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. The military invasion is a blatant breach of international law and cannot be justified by anything. This invasion violates the territorial integrity of a free, sovereign state. Innocent women, men and children in the heart of Europe must fear for their lives.

Broad action is now needed to support Ukraine and its municipalities. The German section of CEMR calls upon both the German federal government and the European Commission to make use of all existing options for providing humanitarian and economic support for Ukraine, and to review options for its association and, in the long term, its accession to the European Union. German municipalities stand by their Ukrainian partners and offer them their support.

German municipalities maintain a large number of partnerships with municipalities and regions both in Ukraine and in Russia. In the past, CEMR has always advocated the continuation of municipal cooperation, even during political crises. Whether this is the case against the backdrop of Russia's recent military attack on a sovereign European state is doubtful at this point and should be critically discussed both locally and at the level of CEMR.