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Help for Refugees from Ukraine

The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have also prompted many people in Bonn to show great willingness to help.

"The city of Bonn shows solidarity with the people in Ukraine and strongly condemns the attack in violation of international law and the war for which Putin is responsible," said mayor Katja Dörner. "It is important that we in Bonn stand together across party lines for democracy, the rule of law and freedom in a strong Europe. Our solidarity must also be felt in practice. In close coordination with the federal and state governments, we are preparing to provide shelter and protection to people who have to flee Ukraine. We welcome the fleeing people from Ukraine and want to offer them safe shelter after the terrible experiences of the outbreak of war and the escape."

Information of the Federal Government

Hotlines/counseling centers

Bonn residents who would like to offer assistance to refugees from Ukraine or who have general questions can contact the new hotline - telephone 0228 77 4900 - which is available daily, including weekends, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those affected can contact the Ukraine contact point at the Foreigners' Registration Office via the e-mail address  ukrainebonnde or phone 0228 776052 and 0228 776053.

Anyone who needs or would like to provide language support, who would like to volunteer in refugee aid, or who would like to become active as an association, initiative or municipality, or who would like to support associations or initiatives, can contact the Refugee Aid Hotline of the Office for Integration and Diversity, telephone 0228 77 5377.

On the page (opens in a new tab), the Office for Integration and Diversity has summarized all the counseling centers that are now important.

Psychological counseling centers of the Office for Children, Youth and Family

The Psychological Education and Family Counseling Center offers counseling to refugee families at short notice by calling 0228 774562. Or by sending an e-mail to  psychologische.beratungsstellebonnde

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