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Bonn’s first Sustainability Strategy was adopted by the City Council in February 2019. This strategy is Bonn’s contribution to a systematic implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The municipal Sustainability Strategy was drafted in a two-year participatory process, involving political representatives and stakeholders from civil society, academia and economy. It was debated over several months in the political bodies of the city including twelve council boards, given the cross-cutting relevance of this wide ranging strategy. 

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SDG stand at an event in the Botanical Gardens.

17 Goals until 2030

The strategy provides an overarching framework and political guidance for the period up to 2030.

The Council of the City of Bonn adopted the first municipal Sustainability Strategy in February 2019. This strategy is Bonn's contribution to the systematic implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as laid down by the United Nations. It was developed over a period of two years in close cooperation with representatives from politics, civil society, science and business. This was followed by a political consultation process lasting several months in which numerous technical committees were involved.

How can the great vision of worldwide sustainable development, to which all member states of the United Nations committed themselves with the adoption of Agenda 2030 on 25 September 2015, be implemented by cities and municipalities here in North Rhine-Westphalia? This was the central question of the pilot project "Globally Sustainable Municipality in NRW", in which the City of Bonn participated. As one of 15 model municipalities, it developed a municipal sustainability strategy under the project. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set out in Agenda 2030 are transferred to six thematic areas of municipal action in Bonn. In addition to comprehensive sustainability guidelines describing a scenario for 2030, the strategy contains measures for the next three to five years.

"Bonn is positioning itself as a city that systematically orients its actions towards sustainability and thus makes the city fit for the future. For us, the Sustainability Strategy is the framework for the next eleven years up to the year 2030," emphasizes Mayor Ashok Sridharan. "As a UN City, we are particularly committed to implementing the 17 global sustainability goals in our own municipal activities.” It took a good two years to develop the strategy. The Mayor's thanks go to all colleagues from all six administrative branches who contributed to the strategy, as well as to the project working group with representatives from politics, civil society, science and business.

Bonn SDG Days 2021

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, known to many by the acronym SDGs, are a daily subject here in the German UN City and sustainability location and a matter of the heart for the City and its citizens. A large number of initiatives are committed to the local advancement of sustainable development.  

Bonn SDG Days

This year, all interested parties are again invited to participate in the Bonn SDG Days. Together, the 17 Goals and selected examples of implementation in Bonn will be presented to the general public and impetus will be given to get involved. 

The Bonn SDG Days 2021 are part of the anniversary celebration of 25 years of the UN in Bonn, as Bonn is the center where the United Nations is bringing together its work on the 17 Goals. 

September 18 to October 4: 17 Days for the 17 Goals

Due to the pandemic situation, the SDG Days will not take place in early summer, but in autumn - parallel to the German Action Days for Sustainability (DAN) with the European Sustainability Week, to which they traditionally provide a special Bonn contribution. Under the motto "17 Days for the 17 Goals," the Bonn SDG Days 2021 from September 18 to October 4 call on people to make their commitment to the 17 Goals visible. In close cooperation with the Fair Week, which partly takes place at the same time, they mobilize support for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Bonn.  

17Goals Space on Münsterplatz

Mayor Katja Dörner has given the starting signal on September 18, 2021 on Münsterplatz. She opened the Bonn SDG Days from the 17Goals Space, a former shipping container that has been converted by Engagement Global into an information and event space and will be used in Bonn for the first time. Until September 27, it will be located on Münsterplatz, offering interested passers-by information and games for exploration, as well as an event stage for Bonn initiatives from the city and its administration. Immediately after the greeting by Mrs. Dörner, the Local Agenda Office with the Fair Trade Town and Organic City of Bonn will present "All Around Cultural & Transformative" offerings on September 18 until 5:30 p.m. at the 17Goals Space, a cultural program with talks and videos as part of the event series "All Around Sustainable". In the morning, workshops for students on the topic of "Innovations from Africa" will be offered at the 17ZieleSpace in cooperation with "Together for Africa" and Engagement Global. During the day, there will be offerings from the community for challenged people in Bonn, Südwind Institute, the International Women's Center and others. On five evenings, Bonn initiatives will present films on local or global topics as part of the new BONNER GLOCALE series, including two films with English subtitles that are aimed in particular at the city's international community. 

17Goals Zone Friedrichstrasse

During the entire Bonn SDG Days and the second part of the Fair Week, Friedrichstrasse with its numerous owner-operated stores, including those whose business principle focuses on fair trade, will not only visually become the 

17Goals Zone with an umbrella roof in the colors of the Sustainable Development Goals. Organized by the Bonn Network for Development, the One World Promoter for Bonn and southern NRW, the City of Bonn's Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability, and the Immobilien- und Standortgemeinschaft Friedrichstraße Bonn e.V., Bonn's activities to implement the 17 Goals will be presented, momentum will be generated, and sustainability will be addressed in the stores. The focus will be on September 18 (Saturday), September 24 and 25 (Friday and Saturday) and October 1 and 2 (Friday and Saturday).  Participation and drop-in are welcome!

Further event offerings

Beyond this, there are further decentralized and digital events. During the campaign period, the Volunteer Agency presents the everyday SDG commitment of Bonn residents in a window of the Beuel City Hall with the daily changing Volunteer Gallery. 

The Bonn SDG Days were launched in 2018 by the Coordinator for Municipal Development Policy of the City of Bonn, which is funded by the "Service Agency Communities in One World".

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