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Project Planning for Construction Measures

A guest contribution by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Division Z I 6 (Promotion of the UN Bonn Site/UN Campus)

The "Bonn-Berlin Act" stipulates that Bonn is to be developed as a location for international organizations. But, who is it that actually stands behind such a resolution? Who are the responsible actors when it comes to the implementation of suitable structural and organizational measures? 

Whenever there are concrete questions concerning the settlement of new international organizations or the implementation of construction measures for the UN, but also when, for instance, a climate conference is to be organized at the shortest possible notice, our team in Division Z I 6 at the BMU assumes a key position in the interaction of all parties involved. 

There are six of us in the team responsible for these tasks. We benefit from the fact that, in addition to many years of international conference and administrative experience, the unit also has expertise in architectural issues and construction topics. 

When it was decided at very short notice at the end of 2016 that Bonn would step in as the host venue for the World Climate Conference COP 23, it was our task as the legally responsible organizer to implement the overall concept in structural and organizational terms within a few months until the end of 2017. This conference was a great experience that created a special sense of belonging in the unit. We all took great pride in what had been achieved.

After COP 23, our unit focused on the regular tasks again.  In particular, we support the lead federal ministries in their efforts to attract and relocate international organizations. We support and represent the UN on the federal government level and coordinate all building requirements with the parties involved. We are also in close contact with representatives of the City of Bonn and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on all international issues relating to municipal and regional projects. Over the years, a close and trusting network has developed between these partners which allows us to optimally facilitate and monitor the complex and time-consuming work processes.

The team of Division Z I 6 (Promotion of the UN Bonn Site/UN Campus)

We are particularly pleased that the decision was taken last year to establish an ECMWF representation here in Bonn and that we were able to provide interim accommodation at the BMU on Robert-Schuman-Platz - as we did for IRENA (IITC) at the time. These interim offices are in the direct vicinity of the planned new ECMWF building.

In addition, we are regularly involved in the organizational support of major conferences.

With the 17-story extension to the UN Campus, which is visible from afar, one of the outstanding projects is currently being completed. It gives us a good feeling that we are advancing something special here in Bonn. We see our work as an important building block for the successful international orientation of the city of Bonn towards a place where groundbreaking decisions for the future will be taken - for the protection of the climate, for sustainability and development.