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Culture in Bonn

Bonn has always been considered a city of culture. From this tradition a diverse, lively and successful cultural life has developed in all cultural sectors.

When talking about culture in Bonn, nearly everybody first thinks of music. The heritage of Ludwig van Beethoven, born here in 1770, has its obligations.

Therefore, the Beethoven Orchestra is one of the most important "ambassadors" of Bonn's culture, meanwhile successfully promoting the city’s musical image abroad. The orchestra with its 106 members counts among the best ones in Germany. It contributes in an important way to the artistic success of the Beethoven Festivals, which have taken place since 1927. From autumn 1999 onwards, the International Beethoven Festivals take place annually and are organised by a GmbH (Ltd) of the same name under the direction of Steven Walter.

Bonn’s main attraction for art and culture amateurs from all over the world is the Museum Mile that counts more than one million visitors per year. In the town centre, a series of City Museums invite the visitor in a very comfortable distance from one another. The museum landscape continues in the northern part of Bonn, where several institutions have associated to form the "Kunst & Szene Altstadt".

The homes of famous Bonn citizens are also open to tourists: the August-Macke-Haus (painter), the Schumannhaus (composer), the home of Ernst Moritz Arndt (intellectual and poet) and naturally the birthplace of Bonn's most famous citizen, the composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The theatre tradition of this city goes back to the times of the Prince Electors. In 1826, the art-loving citizens built their first own theatre. Private theatre also is of a respectable quality.