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Examples of city management projects

Center management for Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Duisdorf

As part of the "Immediate action program to strengthen our city centers and centers in NRW", the city of Bonn had obtained funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for three center managers. Since June 2021, center manager Sophie Büchner has been working successfully in the three city district centers of Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Hardtberg. Numerous networking meetings, events as well as advertising measures make the work of the traders easier, ensure that the centers are made more attractive and serve, among other things, to prepare integrated urban development concepts. The projects, which were originally scheduled to run until the end of 2022, were extended until June 2023 (Bad Godesberg) and the end of 2023 (Beuel and Hardtberg) thanks to funding from the state.

Bonn City Center Management

As part of the Inner City 2.0 master plan, in addition to the major construction measures (Budafok Park, Rheinufer, Brüdergasse, Uni meets City), an inner city management was also established. Since February 2023, the two city center managers in the pavilion Budapester Straße 7 have been the central point of contact for companies, owners and citizens in the city center.

Pedestrian Frequencies and Masterplan Innere Stadt – Third Bonn City Conference on October 25, 2022

Climate change is also leaving its mark on high-density city centers: extreme weather conditions are on the rise, with fewer people visiting inner-city areas during weeks of heavy rainfall as well as during hot spells. Julian Aengenvoort, managing director of, addressed this phenomenon, among others. 

The head of the city planning office, Petra Denny, presented the already implemented and still planned city-relevant measures of the Masterplan Innere Stadt Bonn 2.0.

Vibrant city centers 2022

The IfH Institute for Trade Research was commissioned by the Office for Economic Development to survey 1,000 passers-by in Bonn's city center once again. Bonn's city center was able to maintain its above-average rating (2.2), while the average for the 111 cities surveyed was 2.5. People are therefore predominantly satisfied with Bonn's city center, although its importance for the surrounding area has declined in the last ten years or so. The results of the study were made known to the political bodies.


With the help of Bonn-based geographer Dominik Weckmüller, the social media platform Instagram was evaluated: Where was which hashtag posted when? The analysis of this data yields important information for small-scale public relations work in the city districts, both for the city of Bonn and the civil society institutions active there, especially with regard to younger people.

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