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Annual economic report 2023

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Preface Mayor Katja Dörner

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bonn as a business location is in very good shape, as the Annual Economic Report 2023 makes clear on the basis of a large number of facts and figures. The analysis of the current figures from the statistics of employees subject to social security contributions shows, for example, a strong increase in employment of around 5,500 jobs in Bonn and thus growth of three percent. This puts the federal city clearly above the NRW state average, and it was possible to realize the largest rate of increase in the Rhineland to a new high of 188,930 employees subject to social insurance contributions.

The IT sector in particular is the biggest driver of this development in terms of numbers. Overall, however, the increase in employment is broad-based and can be seen in almost all sectors. This stability and robustness of the business location allows for continued positive prospects. In addition, it should be noted that the population figures have also grown strongly in Bonn with an increase of 4,580 within one year.

The city of Bonn aims to become climate neutral by 2035 and meet the 1.5 degree CO2 budget of the Paris Climate Agreement. The Climate Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in March 2023, is the city's roadmap for a climate-neutral and livable city. In the "Economy" field of action, the focus is on the transformation of the economy and climate neutrality as an economic policy objective. Therefore, structural growth and sustainability in Bonn should be seen as two sides of the same coin.

The Bonn Economic Development Agency has initiated various activities and is actively involved in projects to achieve the goals of the Climate Plan. One example is the establishment of the Bonn Region Sustainability Hub, which is the result of a resolution by the city council. The kick-off event took place on November 16, 2022. The aim is to inspire, support and accompany start-ups and start-ups, but also existing companies, in the implementation of sustainable business models and products.

Furthermore, the business development department is involved in the success of the mobility turnaround. For example, events on environmentally friendly business transportation are held for companies. Or craft enterprises are shown how they can also carry out their activities in the city center with special parking permits.

Bonn is attractive and worth living in. This is a great opportunity for tourism in Bonn. For the city and its Bonn Information, it was time to reassess the guiding tourism themes. I am glad that this was achieved in 2022 with a convincing mission statement. Its implementation and the associated further increase in attractiveness will benefit not only the guests of our city, but also all residents of Bonn.


Katja Dörner
Lord Mayor

Preface Victoria Appelbe, Director of Economic Development

Victoria Appelbe, Wirtschaftsförderin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Annual Economic Report 2023 of the City of Bonn describes the economic development comprehensively and takes stock of the activities of the Economic Development Department.

The team of our Economic Service Center as the first point of contact regarding business start-ups, company development or relocation was able to process a total of 876 concerns and projects in 2022.

The report presents examples of eight business projects that the Economic Development Service was able to support. In the area of expansions and settlements, these are the companies bonnvivir GmbH - Das Maarwerk, Bürocampus Justus-von-Liebig-Straße, Fürstenberg Institut GmbH, Dohle Handelsgruppe Holding GmbH & Co, VEMO Logistik GmbH and AMUI. In the case of start-ups, the companies Midel Photonics GmbH and VesselSens GmbH were persuaded to share their experiences with the city administration and business development.

The work of the business development department in 2022 was primarily directed at five focus topics, which are addressed in detail in the report:

  • Commercial space development,
  • digital city,
  • land supply policy,
  • sustainable economy,
  • downtown and district center development.

With regard to the development of the city center and the district centers, I would like to mention the third City Conference, which was successfully implemented in October 2022, with the topics of pedestrian frequencies and the Inner City Master Plan: Exchange and discussion with experts are important to develop good solutions. The center management programs supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the districts of Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Hardtberg have also enriched the work of businesses through numerous networking meetings, events and advertising measures. 

In the past year, our Real Estate department was in charge of the Neue Quartier Bundesviertel (NQB) - previously known as "Landesbehördenhaus". In addition to internal administrative coordination, the NQB project advisory board was also set up to inform political representatives and give them the opportunity to help shape the further course of action.

With the end of the pandemic-related restrictions, all events, network meetings and consultations could once again take place in the presence of our guests. I was particularly pleased that we were able to hold our already traditional business talks in May 2023 under the motto "Place for sustainable ideas" with around 1,200 guests as usual.

The entire team of the Bonn Economic Development Agency would like to thank all partners and customers for the good cooperation and will be happy to assist you at any time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Victoria Appelbe
Economic Development

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