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Cycling for leisure

Explore Bonn by bike! Bonn offers ideal conditions for recreational cycling: from relaxed tours along the Rhine to sporty tours through the steeper surrounding countryside. Here you will find suggestions and information about your leisure time on the bike.

You can have this great view of Bonn when you ride your bike up the hill to Rabenlay (Bonn-Beuel).

Bonn is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. With almost 300 kilometers of bike paths, the city has a well-developed network of bike paths. Along both banks of the Rhine, in the Rheinauenpark, in the Kottenforst and on field paths, you can cycle leisurely far from the traffic and enjoy magnificent views of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge.

Cyclists will find a wide selection of routes in various degrees of difficulty. So get to know the sights of Bonn and the surrounding area this way!

By bike on public transport

As a general rule, you can take your bike on municipal buses and trams and Deutsche Bahn local trains. To do so, you must buy a ticket for the bicycle in addition to your own ticket.

If you are taking a bike tour of the beautiful Rhineland, you can take your bike on the Rhine ferries and change sides of the river. So you have even for a few minutes a boat tour with beautiful panorama built into your day.

Mountain biking: Have fun, but also protect nature