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Commuting by bike

Bicycle traffic is increasing compared to past decades. To ensure that even more people take their bikes to work, the city is expanding routes for commuters and helping companies to make it easier for their employees to commute by sustainable means of transport.

More and more people in Bonn are deciding to cycle to work – it's good for the city climate and for their own health. Those who switch from car to bike actively support Bonn's mobility transition.

What makes commuting by bike in Bonn attractive:

  • well-maintained bike lanes where cyclists can move safely and quickly,
  • dry, safe parking facilities,
  • a network of cycle paths through the city and the surrounding area with clear signposting,
  • good connections with public transportation,
  • E-bike charging stations,
  • stations to pump up tires or borrow tools to fix minor defects.

Further information about parking or save routes