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Declaration of commitment (invitation letter).

Declaration of commitment (invitation letter) for a short-term stay (up to 90 days).


Please note: Due to the current situation, personal interviews with the Immigration Office are only possible with an appointment until further notice. We ask for your understanding for this measure.

If you wish to send an inquiry or an application to the Immigration Office Bonn, you can do it primarily by e-mail. We will process your inquiry as soon as possible and contact you by e-mail, letter or telephone.

For telephone inquiries, you can call the service number 0228 77 6000. 

For the granting of a visa by a German embassy or a German consulate as well as its extension in the Federal Republic of Germany, the securing of livelihood is usually a requirement.

In those cases in which the invited persons are not able to finance their stay with their own financial means, you can make a declaration of commitment (also called invitation letter). By submitting this declaration, you commit yourself to pay for all costs arising from the foreigner's stay in Germany, including the costs of any medical treatment and repatriation to the home country.

Your obligation to cover the costs will come into effect if your guest has to use public funds to finance his or her living expenses, apartment, care in case of illness or in need of care, or if he or she cannot raise the costs of leaving the Federal Republic of Germany.

At the time the visa is issued, the declaration of commitment may not be older than 6 months, as the financial circumstances of the person making the commitment may have changed in the meantime.

The revocation of a declaration of commitment is not provided by law.

If the foreigner is able to secure his or her own livelihood, it is not necessary to submit a declaration of commitment!