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The project partnership with Cape Coast, a city situated on Ghana’s coast, is the latest partnership and the only one the City of Bonn maintains with a city in Africa. The partnership is based on a decision taken by the City Council in 2008. Both cities have maintained friendly relations since.

Fosu-Lagune Cape Coast

The City of Bonn supports the strengthening of municipal self-administration structures within the framework of mutual encounters and meetings for qualified staff of both city administrations.

Environment Protection

The partnership between the cities of Bonn and Cape Coast focuses on the exchange of experience on environmental and climate issues. Bonn and Cape Coast are partners in the cooperation project Municipal Climate Partnerships.

The climate issue continues to be a central theme of the partnership. Many climate activities have been carried out around the environmental education center created as part of the re-naturalization project of Fosu Lagoon. A German-Ghanaian theatre formation developed a play for this purpose, the Partnership Association initiated project weeks and working groups in the surrounding schools and two volunteers from the Bonn area supported the education center for several months in the development of materials.

Science and Research

The city of Cape Coast is one of the country’s most prominent educational centers. In 2009, cooperation was established between the University of Cape Coast and the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

Cultural Exchange

The Bonn-Cape Coast Partnership Association (Partnerschaft Bonn-Cape Coast e.V.) has rendered considerable support to this project partnership since its establishment in 2008. In 2015, the joint Black Water project was successfully carried out, involving performing artists from Bonn and Cape Coast alike.

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