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Beethoven House

The Beethoven House, a landmark of Bonn, is supported by the Beethoven House Trust (founded in 1889) and encompasses a museum, the Beethoven archives and the Chamber Music Hall. The museum displays a representative selection from the trust's collections, the largest privately-owned Beethoven collection in the world.

Opening hours and instructions during the Corona crisis

Tuesday to Monday: 11 a.m to 17 p.m.

Instructions for museum visitors:
Visiting the museum is allowed according the current contact prohibitions, this means:

  • No groups
  • Families and persons living in the same household
  • It is necessary to wear masks in the museum as well as in the museum’s shop.
  • Concerts, workshops and other events will not take place.
  • From July 2 guided tours for families will take place. Please book the family tour at  museumbeethovende.

Portraits, original manuscripts, instruments and everyday objects convey a lively and authentic glimpse into the life and work of the composer. The Beethoven archives founded on the 100th anniversary of Beethoven's death in 1927 as a scientific research institute, are the central repository of documents relating to Beethoven's life, work and intellectual circle and own also a special library. The Chamber Music Hall, inaugurated in 1989, not only has outstanding acoustics, but is also considered to be a particularly beautiful modern concert hall. Alongside the special emphasis on the music of Beethoven and his contemporaries, music of modern times is also performed and promoted here.

In the years to come it is planned to open the Beethoven Haus round the clock to the world’s public: In the virtual „Digital Beethovenhaus“, internet users will find everything about the composer, his work, his life and his time. To the sound of Beethoven’s music, they will be able scroll original editions and manuscripts which are exhibited nowhere else.

Beethoven House

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  • Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
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  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn
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