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Chengdu is an important business hub in China. With its roughly 15 million inhabitants, it is Bonn’s largest partner city. The cities of Chengdu and Bonn have maintained friendly ties since the year 2,000. These have involved close cultural contacts and mutual visits. In 2009, the partnership treaty was signed.

Climate Issues and Sustainable Urban Development


In 2013, both cities signed a climate partnership agreement under the title ‘Bonn-Chengdu Partnership for Sustainable Low-Carbon Development’. Senior experts from the city administration, civil society, the business and scientific community now discuss mobility, sustainable urban development and energy efficiency and related issues during technical conferences and meetings.

Business and Science/Scholarships

The partnership is also actively promoted in the fields of science and business. In recent years, numerous business delegations have travelled from Bonn to Chengdu or from Chengdu to Bonn for information and exploratory talks. Among other things, the delegation trips served to promote the planned expansion of Deutsche Post/DHL's involvement in the field of logistics services in China or the establishment of cooperation in the field of e-mobility.

Since 2014, students from Bonn have the option of signing up for a scholarship program to study abroad in the City of Chengdu.

Cultural Exchange/School Twinning

Close contacts have been established in this field. Bonn’s Beethoven Orchestra has toured China, greatly inspiring the audience abroad. Furthermore, young musicians are invited to perform during the annual Youth Music Festival hosted in the City of Chengdu. Since 2016, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Bonn has integrated a ‘Chengdu Special’ into its annual Stadtgarten concert series. The work is supported by the Bonn-based Society for China Studies (Bonner Gesellschaft für China-Studien e.V.).

Exchange between citizens, especially young people, is important for the active continuation of a partnership. Therefore, a school partnership between the Integrated Comprehensive School Bonn-Beuel (IGS) and the Shude High School has been in place for many years. Other schools in Bonn have expressed their interest to establish this form of school twinning.

Beethoven Seminar at Chengdu University

Project partnership between Bonn and Chengdu is continued online

From June 20-July 01, 2022, Chengdu University offered an online seminar on Bonn composer Ludwig van Beethoven to interested students. The course, entitled "Bonn and Chengdu: Beethoven as trademark" was held as part of the Summer School at Chengdu University and examined the question of Beethoven's role as a cultural "mediator figure" between Germany and China. Dr. Hannes Jedeck, a musicologist and sinologist himself, led the seminar from the German side.

Since the topic "Beethoven" apparently aroused more interest than expected, the seminar, initially limited to 15 participants, was eventually opened to 80 students from Chengdu University. The demand was simply too great. The Chinese coordinator of the program, Lianlian Gao, explained it as follows: "For us, Beethoven is an international icon. In China, almost every student knows his famous '9th Symphony' or the piano piece 'Für Elise'." 

Numerous Bonn institutions and facilities supported the online seminar with their own contributions.