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Haus der Bonner Altenhilfe

The Haus der Bonner Altenhilfe is the central office for all senior citizens in Bonn with regard to all matters related to the Bonn Assistance to the Elderly organisation. 

Its most important mission is to provide to senior citizens extensive counselling and advice and to inform about the whole range of services offered by the Bonner Altenhilfe (Bonn Assistance to the Elderly), including, among others,

  • a central office to find a place in a home for senior citizens
  • counselling and assistance to find apartments suitable for elderly persons and "Homes with Service" (Wohnen mit Service)
  • information and assistance to family members nursing elderly persons
  • disinterested counselling, irrespective of age and organisations, for persons in need of nursing care, as well as for persons with a risk of needing nursing care and their family members
  • arranging for qualified services for senior citizens, such as emergency assistance for helpless elderly persons living at home, advice and assistance to telephone chains, senior citizens´ clubs and for helping volunteers
  • arranging for mobile services such as nursing services, Mobile Social Assistance, home emergency telephone lines and mobile food services
  • information for persons with a migrant background
  • educational courses for senior citizens, seminars and lectures on age-related subjects
  • gymnastics, therapeutic exercise
  • out-of-home lunch arrangements
  • information courses for staff members working in the service for senior citizens.
Bonn Centre of Assistance to the Elderly

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