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Bonn Steeped in history - with a bright future!

Bonn is an exciting city steeped in history that has successfully evolved from a provisional capital to a location for top-class international institutions, large DAX corporations, a multi-award-winning university of excellence and many small start-ups. A successful transformation.

The recent history of the city of Bonn is inextricably linked to the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany. From Roman fort, to Baroque residence of the Cologne Electors and Prussian provincial city, to cradle of post-war democracy and capital of a new Federal Republic - this spectacular rise makes Bonn's history (and present) unique.

Villa Hammerschmidt/Official residence in Bonn of the Federal President
Bundesadler im Bundesviertel/Federal eagle in the federal district
Wasserwerk/Former plenary hall of the federal parliament