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Civil protection

  1. Crisis management
  2. Contributors to disaster control
  3. Disaster Control Center

The fire department and rescue service perform the tasks of local disaster control for the city of Bonn (Lower Disaster Control Authority). This includes the tasks of protecting the population in the event of large-scale civil emergencies and disasters in accordance with the legislation of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the event of tension and defense in accordance with the Civil Defense Act of the federal government. The tasks of disaster control and civil defense are summarized under the generic term population protection.

Emergency planning for such situations is carried out in the Civil Protection department. In addition, the planning and maintenance of structures that are mainly maintained for such scenarios takes place here. These include, for example, the siren network or the emergency drinking water supply.

In addition to the professional and volunteer fire departments, a number of organizations (with mainly volunteers) and, under certain conditions, the German armed forces and federal police are involved in carrying out the tasks of disaster control.

Crisis management

In the event of major incidents, crisis management is prepared in advance. In a short time, a great deal of information and numerous assistance measures have to be coordinated simultaneously. Decisions of great scope and political dimension are necessary here.

The Lord Mayor of the City of Bonn bears overall responsibility for all measures. She is supported in this by the crisis team and the operations management.

The crisis management team makes all decisions of a political and administrative nature.

Operational-tactical measures are planned in the operations management. In most damage scenarios, it is staffed by the fire department. There, the fire department's operations manager, with the support of a staff and the control center, leads the deployment of all forces required to repair the damage.

Contributors to disaster control

With their full-time and volunteer forces, the municipal fire departments and relief organizations make an essential contribution to the disaster control assistance system in Bonn. With more than one million helpers, the fire departments in Germany make up the majority of the emergency and relief forces. In addition to the fire department, Bonn's relief organizations and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief are also involved in civil protection.

Are you interested in actively participating in civil protection? The Bonn relief organizations listed below look forward to your support!

Disaster Control Center

The disaster control center is located in Beuel and is organizationally assigned to the fire department as the office responsible for disaster control. After extensive refurbishment, the hall complex with adjoining buildings was put into operation as a disaster control center in 2016. Special resources and emergency vehicles for disaster control operations are kept there. Among other things, the sandbag reserve of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is stored here, which can be made available throughout the state to avert danger in extreme weather situations (storms, floods), for example.

In addition, two disaster control units of the medical and support service of the Bonn relief organizations are located there. In addition to the parking spaces for the emergency vehicles in the hall, the volunteers are provided with office, training and social rooms in an adjacent building.