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International Women's Center is the City's partner for 2024

The International Women's Center (IFZ) is the official annual partner of the City of Bonn in 2024. Founded in 1999, it is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The IFZ developed out of the Local Agenda 21. Today, around 100 women from Europe, Asia, Africa and America as well as organizations from the fields of peace, refugee and women's work are members of the IFZ. As part of the annual partnership, the city will draw public attention to the work of the IFZ through various activities. In addition, joint events will be planned throughout the year.

Background information

Since the year 2000, the City of Bonn has invited Bonn-based international organizations to an annual partnership every year. Each year, a resident organization has the opportunity to present itself and its topics in a series of public events, which are supported by the city with extensive services.

The City of Bonn refers to the respective partnership in the footer of its e-mails. And large info screens at the main railway station and the free stampers also advertise the city’s partnership organization and enhance visibility in the cityscape.