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Highlighting Europe

In its municipal work, the City of Bonn also places a focus on European affairs. In order to strengthen the trust of citizens in Europe, the city offers information, discussion and encounters with European political actors, making Europe a tangible experience for all.

In Bonn and throughout the continent, the month of May is all about Europe. In addition to different activities staged by local associations and schools, the City of Bonn will host two main events under the European flag, including the Day of Europe featuring ‘Stories of Europe’ along with a colorful hands-on program for everyone.

Europe Day 


Every year in May, the City of Bonn celebrates Europe Day on a Saturday around 9 May with a colorful family festival. In pavilions on the market square, the many pro-European actors from Bonn present their work, inviting citizens to explore Europe and its opportunities. 

On a stage on the market square, musicians young and old stage a colorful program related to Europe. The Regional Representation of the European Commission in Bonn is represented as a co-organizer and important cooperation partner with a large Europe tent. 

On Europe Day, visitors of all ages can experience the European idea of "united in diversity" first-hand and find out how the European institutions operate. Europe Day also promotes the peaceful community of people from over 170 nations living in Bonn. 

Admission is free.


Background to the European Union's Europe Day:

Every year on May 9, Europe Day is celebrated throughout Europe. The occasion is a speech given by the then French Foreign Minister on May 9, 1950, which later became known as the Schuman Declaration. In it, Robert Schuman proposed the creation of a production community for coal and steel in order to make another war between Germany and France materially impossible. This was the first step towards a united Europe.