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Terms of Use for the Calendar of Events

The following applies to all event contributions: In principle, there is no right to publication.

  1. Clause 1 - Nature of the entries
  2. Clause 2 - Inclusion of the entry in the calendar/ exclusion of the entry from the calendar
  3. Clause 3 - Responsibility of the registrant for the entry / release from claims
  4. Clause 4 - Problems with the operation of the calendar of events / Claims for damages by the registrant against the City of Bonn
  5. Clause 5 - Image upload, rights of use, transfer of rights of use, copyright to texts
  6. Clause 6 - Discontinuation of the operation of the calendar of events / Amendment of the terms of use
  7. Clause 7 - Data protection
  8. Clause 8 - Other provisions

Please note that this is a courtesy translation. In the event of a dispute, the German language shall prevail.