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Beethoven Monument

The Beethoven monument on Münsterplatz is back. After about six months of restoration, the statue with pedestal was put up again. A new steel support structure in the pedestal will provide stable support for the next decades. Damaging layers of dirt on the monument itself have been removed and corroded areas repaired.

The Beethoven Monument in January...
... and after six months of restoration.

Historic patina was deliberately preserved

During its six-month beauty treatment, the primary goal was not to restore the "old luster" of the statue as well as the pedestal. Rather, the goal was to remove the damaging layers of dirt, but to preserve the historic patina. The restorers also replaced loose repairs from the first restoration in the mid-1960s and closed open joints and seams on the figure.

The fact that Beethoven now appears to be completely renewed is thanks to a layer of microcrystalline wax. In the years to come, this will ensure that rain and snow roll off better and that dirt and water can no longer settle so quickly in the deeper areas. In addition, it will now be examined every two years as part of a monitoring program in order to protect the bronze from renewed damage in the future through consistent control and care.  

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