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Shared mobility – using instead of owning

Shared mobility, the joint use of means of transport, is the key to greater mobility and lower resource consumption. The principle of "using instead of owning" is easy on the wallet, reduces the burden on the environment and creates space for a more livable city.

  1. Carsharing in Bonn
  2. (E-)Bikesharing
  3. Electric (kick-)scooter for rent
  4. "Clara" – E-Scooter Sharing

In Bonn many sharing vehicles are available – ranging from small cars to vans, bicycles, cargo bikes and e-scooters. Mobile stations link the offer with train stations or public transport stops. This allows you to be mobile according to your individual needs without necessarily having to own a car. There are plans to expand the shared mobility offerings throughout the city.

Find out more about Bonn's shared mobility offerings and give them a try!

An app for Bonn: bus and train, rental bikes and a selection of e-scooters at a glance

BONNmobil – the mobility platform of SWB Bus und Bahn shows in real time when the bus is coming, where the next Nextbike is ready, what the battery status of the e-scooter is or how you can reach the sights. All means of transport can be booked and paid for centrally with the app.

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  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
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