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Other citizen services

Need a disabled parking certificate or a wage tax card?
Below, please find an exemplary list of other civic services that are available in Bonn.

A number of services are provided by civic offices in the City Hall (Stadthaus) and in the urban districts (Bürgerämter):

  • identification cards, passports, children's identification cards
  • notarisations
  • applications for driving licenses
  • change of address on motor vehicle registration certificates
  • issuing of international driving licenses
  • certificates of conduct (Führungszeugnisse)
  • registration affairs
  • disabled parking certificates, extension of identification cards
  • wage tax cards (Lohnsteuerkarten), dog tax (Hundesteuer) registrations
  • fishing licenses

For further information please contact the information desk in the City Hall.

City Hall (Stadthaus)