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The Fire and Rescue Service of Bonn has a training centre located at Fire Station 2 in Beuel.

We offer different courses including basics for firefighters, advanced training for officers and courses for specialists. Personnel of the emergency medical services attend the centre to receive ambulance officer training, and we provide development courses for ambulance officers, paramedics, and emergency physicians. Colleagues from the Fire Prevention Department carry out courses for right fire behaviour.

Fire Service training

Members of other Fire Services can also take part in our
training for a fee. This is possible for the following courses:

  • Basic training for firefighters
  • Operator training for standard appliances, turntable ladders and special vehicles
  • Boat driver´s licence
  • Rescue from heights
  • Breathing apparatus training
  • HAZMAT-Training level 1
  • Radio operation
  • Further training and development courses on request