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Civic engagement

Every city depends on the commitment and involvement of its citizens. Many people are willing to become involved in community issues or are already doing so in manifold ways. Supporting those who are prepared to volunteer and comprehensively demonstrating the broad range of options for volunteering is an important task. In the City of Bonn, this task is fulfilled by the Office for Social Affairs and Housing.

The Volunteer Agency of the City of Bonn is the city’s focal point for the promotion of civic engagement.

Bonn Volunteer Agency seeks engagement opportunities for English-speaking volunteers

Many interested people who speak only English contact the Bonn Volunteer Agency. We welcome organizations that would like to work with English-speaking volunteers. Many of the persons who have expressed their interest are studying or working in international Bonn organizations or corporations.

Volunteer opportunities are numerous and diverse. If your organization is interested in this offer, we would be happy to assist.

Please contact us at:  freiwilligenagenturbonnde or by phone at 0228-774848