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The Ludwig van Beethoven Music School Bonn was founded in the summer of 1970, i.e. it has been a public educational institution of the city of Bonn for almost fifty years.

In order to prevent corona, the music school will remain closed until April 19.

In the Beethoven year 2020 the municipal music school Bonn is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

There are five branches in different city districts: Poppelsdorf and Bonn (Kirschallee 23), Hardtberg (Schieffelingsweg 2), Beuel (Rheinaustr. 31), Dransdorf (Siemensstr. 246) and Bad Godesberg (Kurfürstenallee 8-9). In addition, the music school is active in numerous Bonn schools and kindergartens at over 30 other locations in Bonn. The head office is located in Bad Godesberg, Kurfürstenallee 8.

In the school year 17/18, more than 5,000 students visited the Ludwig van Beethoven Music School in Bonn every week, which is taught by approx. 200 teachers every week. In addition, there are about 500 adults a year who take part in courses and workshops of limited duration.

The aim is to arouse interest in making music in as broad a section of the population as possible and, in particular, to promote young people musically. Almost all instruments and singing are offered. Children can start their musical education at the age of three. Lessons are usually given in the afternoon or in the evening.

The municipal Ludwig van Beethoven Music School Bonn is a member of the Association of German Music Schools and thus fulfills certain quality criteria, e.g. with regard to the training of teachers.

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