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Mobile vaccination campaign

In order to be able to reach even more people with mobile vaccination services, the city of Bonn is now using a vaccination bus.

While the Bonn vaccination center has recently had fewer and fewer visitors, some of the city's mobile vaccination campaigns have been very well received.

Mayor Katja Dörner appeals, "Get vaccinated!". She again asked the people of Bonn to get vaccinated: "Vaccination is the most effective means against the disease and thus against the pandemic. Get vaccinated so that together we can overcome Corona!"

First and second vaccinations are possible

The vaccination bus offers first and second vaccinations for all citizens over the age of 12. People who would like to be vaccinated are asked to bring their identity card and vaccination certificate, if available. Vaccination records will be filled out on site. Undocumented people can also get vaccinated without red tape at the mobile vaccination drive.

Booster vaccinations

Even though the first booster vaccinations (= third vaccinations) have already taken place in senior citizen facilities, the third vaccinations are planned from October; a recommendation from the Standing Commission on Vaccination is still pending. 

Booster vaccinations are offered to persons who, after a complete vaccination (interval to the second vaccination at least 6 months), may not have a sufficient or a rapidly declining immune response in the sense of preventive health care. These individuals include, in particular, residents* of nursing facilities, facilities for people with disabilities and other facilities with vulnerable groups, people with immunodeficiency or immunosuppression, as well as people in need of care in their own homes and people aged 80 and older. Generally, these vaccinations are offered at office-based physicians/doctors.

Vaccination is usually with an mRNA vaccine, e.g. Biontech. This also applies to people who have been immunized once with Johnson & Johnson or had a first and second vaccination with AstraZeneca.


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