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We and the 17 Goals: A training series for city employees

Bonn’s Sustainability Strategy addresses everyone in Bonn, inviting all citizens to get involved. The City of Bonn has now launched a special training series for administrative staff. The so-called ‘Info-Lunch’ series combines useful information around the SDGs with organic snacks during lunch break. City employees present their work or their contributions to Bonn’s Sustainability Strategy to their fellow colleagues, focusing on different topics that all have to do with sustainability in one form or another. 

Topics to date have included a FAIR tasting at noon, for instance, with information around the living conditions in the Global South, also addressing child work in places around the globe, and offering useful information around Fair Trade labels and the recognition of Bonn as Fair Trade Town as well as around regular events in Bonn. The annual ‘Rundum Fair’ (Fair Trade Weeks), for instance, features a fair public breakfast and fair fashion show in Bonn’s city center along with a great number of other related activities and events in Bonn. 

Other events have introduced the Office for City Greenery and its efforts to maintain biological diversity in Bonn, as well as the annual City Biking Campaign, gender equality in Bonn or Bonn’s sustainable projects under its project partnerships with partners across the world, and much more. In addition, there have been outings to the municipal heating plant or to the municipal recycling facility for trams, for instance. 

A fine way to learn about the SDGs and the Sustainability Strategy in our own municipality!

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  • Foto: Barbara Frommann für Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Foto: Barbara Frommann für Bundesstadt Bonn
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