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German language classes

There are many varieties to learn German. A small overview of the providers and their course offers.

Deutsche Welle
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3
53113 Bonn
Phone: 0228 4290

Germany´s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, which is headquartered here in Bonn, offers free German courses at all levels. Courses include e-learning programs or worksheets that the learner can print out. A course finder and an online placement test will help the learner to find out which course is suitable.
A special online course “ Deutsch Interaktiv” has been designed for beginners and those who have some previous knowledge of German.

All German courses of the DW you will find  here.

Lennéstr. 6
53113 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 9 57 56 - 0

The Goethe-Institut in Bonn was founded in 1985 originally for the members of the diplomatic corps. Today, students of more than 60 nationalities learn the German language here by means of

  • intensive courses (25 lessons a week)
  • semi-intensive courses (10 lessons a week)
  • individual courses at all levels

Berlitz School
Oxfordstr. 24
53111 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 65 50 05

Am Markt 10 - 12
53111 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 63 42 55

Institut für Sprachvermittlung und internationalen Kulturaustausch (language studies and international cultural exchange)
Fritz-Erler-Str. 32 - 34
Phone: (0228) 35 35 10

Theodor-Heuss-Str. 14
53177 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 35 68 08

Volkshochschule (VHS) of the City of Bonn (Adult Education Center)
Mülheimer Platz 1
53111 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 77 33 55
Phone: (0228) 77 35 56

VHS (Adult Education Centre) offers six levels of German as well as a good selection of courses (some intensive) in other subjects between 5 and 10 p.m. on weekdays, with some morning courses offered as well. Courses are held at several locations in the city. Certificate courses are also run. Semesters run approximately from August to December and from January to May/June.

Booklets listing courses with times and dates can be obtained from the Bonn or Bad Godesberg Information Offices, at local book stores, banks or by contacting the VHS offices in the various city districts.

University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Office)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 53
53115 Bonn
Phone: (0228) 73 - 76 26

(Dezernat für internationale Angelegenheiten/Internationales Zentrum der Universität Bonn)

The International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) of Bonn's University offers classes in the German language only for foreign students enrolled at the university. Semesters run from October-February and April-July. Enquire for enrolment dates at the end of August or February. Intensive German course - only for students intending to take up regular studies at the Bonn University after the end of the course (examination). Applications must be submitted to the Registrar's Office (Studentensekretariat) of the University. For the winter semester, the deadline is mid-July; for the summer semester, mid-January. Applicants must have the equivalent of an American Junior College diploma. International Summer Course - German language, literature, and culture with seminars, workshops, and excursions for foreign students. Held during August for three weeks. Information and application from January at the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) of the University, University of Bonn.

The Students‘ Union Executive Committee (AStA) also offers a so-called Language Tandem. If you are interested in practicing a language and work on your language skills with a partner, sign up by following the link
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Private Teachers

The local newspaper General-Anzeiger carries advertisements for other institutions and private teachers under the heading "Unterricht" (lessons). Saturday is the best day to look or to advertise.

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