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Mayor Sridharan recommends continuing to wear everyday masks in class

Due to the corona pandemic, Mayor Ashok Sridharan recommends that secondary schools in Bonn continue to wear everyday masks (mouth and nose protection) in classroom instruction.

"I think it makes sense to wear the protective mask at schools in closed rooms. However, it can only be done on a voluntary basis, because we currently have no legal basis to order it," says Sridharan. The compulsory wearing of masks in secondary school classes in North Rhine-Westphalia ended on August 31, 2020.

Since February 28, 2020, a total of 1031 people in Bonn have tested positive for the corona virus (status: Wednesday, September 2). Nine people have died in connection with Covid-19, 984 people have recovered and 38 are currently infected.

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  • Foto: Barbara Frommann für Stadtwerke Bonn
  • Sascha Engst
  • UKB 2020/R. Müller
  • UKB 2020/R. Müller

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