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Katja Dörner becomes new Mayor in Bonn

Katja Dörner (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) will be the new Mayor of the City of Bonn. In the run-off vote on September 27, 2020, she prevailed over incumbent Ashok Sridharan (CDU).

Katja Dörner.

The preliminary official final result: Katja Dörner received 56.27 percent of the votes (67,880 votes) and Ashok Sridharan 43.73 percent (52,762 votes). Of the 249,098 Bonn citizens aged 16 and over who were called to vote, 121,269 exercised their right to vote. This corresponds to a voter turnout of 48.68 percent. In the 2015 elections for mayor, the voter turnout was 45.11 percent.

The voting results in the city districts:

Municipality of Bad Godesberg: Katja Dörner 53.51 percent (13,701 votes), Ashok Sridharan 46.49 percent (11,902 votes); voter turnout 47.45 percent.

Beuel Municipality: Katja Dörner 55.94 percent (15,115 votes), Ashok Sridharan 44.06 percent (11,904 votes); voter turnout 50.23 percent.

Stadtbezirk Bonn: Katja Dörner 59.77 percent (34,125 votes), Ashok Sridharan 40.23 percent (22,965 votes); voter turnout: 49.65 percent.

Municipality Hardtberg: Katja Dörner 45.19 percent (4,939 votes), Ashok Sridharan 54.81 percent (5,991 votes); turnout: 43.60 percent.

The Municipal Election Committee will determine the official final result at its meeting on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at 4 p.m. in meeting room 2/3 in the Stadthaus, Berliner Platz 2.

The five-year term of office begins on November 1, 2020.

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