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Coronavirus: 56 new infections in the last seven days

With the beginning of the cooler season, the probability that the number of detected corona-infected persons will also increase. With currently 54 positively tested people and a 7-day incidence of 17, no further measures are necessary in Bonn at present.

"We should all continue to conscientiously adhere to the AHA rule (distance - washing hands - everyday mask), because the pandemic is not over," Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan emphasized once again.  "I am grateful to all Bonn residents and our guests who show such consideration, in order to make their contribution to the containment of the corona virus". Thanks to the steadily but fortunately only slightly increasing numbers in Bonn, our everyday life is almost normal in many areas. Nevertheless, his appeal: "Please do not let up in your prudence and care! In Bonn, 1180 people have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak of the pandemic, 1115 have recovered and nine people have died. The number of new infections in the last seven days is 56.

Controls of the city public order service

Since mid-August, the city's public order service has discovered a total of 236 violations of the obligation to wear masks in buses and trains during various inspections; they are punished with a fine of 150 euros each.

According to information, the city ordinance service inspects individual restaurants, as they allegedly do not comply with the Corona Protection Ordinance. So far, however, no violations have been found. At the French market in Bad Godesberg last weekend, three people were found without mouth-nose cover; these people are each receiving reports. The exhibitors have complied with the regulations.

In total, the city's fine office has now received 1,700 complaints for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. In the meantime, 1,100 fine notices have been issued. The fines imposed so far amount to approximately 220,000 euros.

Affected institutions

With stand 23. September 2020 there are the Marie-Kahle-Gesamtschule, the Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg, the Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg, the Kardinal-Frings-Gymnasium, the Karl-Simrock-Hauptschule, the Berufskolleg Duisdorf, the Realschule Beuel, the Grundschule Peter-Klein-Straße, the Tannenbusch-Gymnasium, the Weiterbildungskolleg Dottendorf, the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg, the Robert-Wetzlar-Berufskolleg, the Matthias-Claudius-Schule, the day care center "Kleiner Lukas" and the Heinrich Kolfhaus Senior Citizens' Center each have one person who tested positive, at the Elisabeth-Selbert-Gesamtschule two persons who tested positive and at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium three persons who tested positive. The public health department is in close contact with the facility management.

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