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Corona: Currently 531 acute infections

With 479 new infections in the last seven days and an incidence value of 145.15, the corona values in Bonn remain at a high level and make contact tracing by the public health department an ever increasing challenge. 2083 people are in quarantine, 531 people are currently diagnosed with an infection. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the city has registered a total of 3268 positive test results, 2717 have recovered and 20 people have died.

From Monday onwards, the Jahnschule will only offer distance learning. The reason for this is the positive finding with one teacher who had contact with the entire college and taught in several classes. In the following other schools, corona cases have occurred since Friday: Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg (one person), Berufskolleg Bonn-Duisdorf (two persons, one not from Bonn), Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg (one person), Karl-Simrock-Schule (one person), Bonns Fünfte (one person).

A so-called "Corona Info Tour" on Saturday, November 14, 2020, employed numerous forces of the city's public order service and the police. The meeting had been banned by the city on Friday due to infection control concerns, which the Cologne Administrative Court confirmed on Saturday.  The organizers announced that despite the ban, they would travel to Bonn and called for the registration of rush meetings, which were also banned. 

On Saturday evening, around 400 people gathered in several groups at the Bonn market around 7 pm. Loudspeaker announcements by the city's public order service called on the participants to maintain minimum distances and to wear mouth-nose covers. Nevertheless, the city planning service and the police felt compelled to file 36 complaints because the obligation to wear masks was not observed. The police also took two Corona demonstrators into custody. The city is now examining whether further measures beyond the fine notices need to be taken.

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