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Corona: Overview of the regulations from May 28.

From Friday, May 28, 2021, the new Coronaschuz regulation of the state of NRW will apply. The city of Bonn provides an overview of the regulations that will then apply in Bonn for an incidence between 100 and 50. Currently, Bonn is at 79.5


  • Contact restrictions: Persons of own household without limitation of persons; persons from two households without limitation of persons, immunized persons from further households may additionally participate; in case of a meeting of exclusively immunized persons without limitation of the number of persons or households.
  • Moves are possible with up to ten persons with negative test results. 
  • Excursions by boats, etc. with the outdoor areas and negative test.
  • Use of mini-golf courses, high ropes courses, climbing parks, etc. outdoors is allowed with negative test result.
  • Botanical garden may open with appointment booking.
  • Opening of betting shops, betting offices exclusively for the acceptance of gambling tickets/bets with limitation of persons (maximum one person per 10 sqm).
  • Retail: stores serving basic needs (including grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, gas stations, pet supply and feed stores) are open (one person per 10 sq. m., from 800 sq. m. of sales area 80 persons plus one person per additional 20 sq. m.).
  • Stores not serving basic needs are open; limit of 1 person per 20 sq. m.
  • Fairs and exhibitions with limitation of persons (1 person/7 sqm) and hygiene concept.
  • Gastronomy: outdoor gastronomy open with test and place obligation. The ban on eating in the vicinity of catering establishments is eliminated.
  • Crafts/Services: Non-physical trades and services (dry cleaners, laundromats, car and bicycle repair shops, car rentals, tanning salons, etc.) are permitted (one person per 10 sq. ft., 800 sq. ft. or more 80 persons plus one person per additional 20 sq. ft.).
  • Sales of goods not related to crafts and services with a limit of one person per 20 sq. ft.
  • Body-related services (including hairdressing, cosmetics, chiropody, massage): if the mask must be permissibly removed, a negative test result is required from all persons involved in the service
  • Body-related services on a physician's order are permitted without testing.
  • Accommodation/tourism: "Self-sufficient" overnight stays (vacation homes, camping, mobile homes) with a negative test are possible.
  • Opening of hotels without capacity limitation also for private overnight stays with breakfast, but without further indoor catering, with negative test.
  • Bus tours with negative test and capacity limitation (60 percent), if not exclusively vaccinated/genetically ill persons participate.

Education, childcare, youth work

For out-of-school, face-to-face instruction is allowed with no limit on staffing. For indoor face-to-face classes, a negative test is required.

Offers of child and youth work with 10 persons (indoor) or 20 (outdoor) are allowed with a negative corona test. Vacation offerings and vacation trips are also allowed this way. 

As of May 31, all schools return to face-to-face classes. 

The return to regular operation in day care without restrictions on the hours of care is planned by the state from June 7, 2021.


  • Competition in recreational and amateur sports is allowed again under conditions/restrictions.
  • Sports outside of sports facilities in the public realm are once again allowed, subject to conditions/restrictions.
  • General contact restrictions have relaxed, which has implications for outdoor sports: Any number of persons from one household; Any number of persons from two households plus immunized persons from additional households; Immunized persons only with no limit on number of persons or households.
  • Outdoor physical contact sports allowed for groups of no more than 25 children/youth up to and including age 18 plus up to two education or supervision staff.
  • Non-contact sports, including training, may be conducted outdoors by 25 persons with no age restriction.
  • Medically prescribed rehabilitation sports conducted under medical care and supervision in accordance with Section 64 of the German Social Security Code (SGB) are permitted, subject to the minimum distance between participating persons and, if conducted indoors, with negative test evidence.
  • Beginners' swimming training and toddlers' swimming courses are allowed in indoor swimming pools for groups of up to 10 children, in outdoor swimming pools up to twenty children. Sport practice in outdoor swimming pools is allowed again with negative test proof. A negative test is required for sports practice in outdoor pools.
  • Previously, competition and training in professional leagues and by other professional athletes was allowed, as well as training/competition of officially listed squad athletes. As of May 28, training operations at qualification and promotion tournaments for professional leagues and for cross-state amateur leagues as well as for final rounds of German championships will also be permitted.
  • Spectator access to outdoor sports facilities is permitted for up to 100 persons with proof of negative testing and assured simple traceability, if the regulations on minimum distance are complied with in a secure manner; up to 500 persons with proof of negative testing on permanently assigned seating or standing areas, assured special traceability for the seating and standing areas and compliance with the regulations on minimum distance, whereby in the case of permanent seating, occupation in a checkerboard pattern is sufficient.

Cultural institutions of the city

There are currently no changes for the Beethoven Orchestra. Previously planned start with opera-air events is August 22, 2021. 

Kunstmuseum Bonn: As of Saturday, May 29, exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum and Viktoriabad will once again be accessible during the museum's normal opening hours. To ensure traceability, a prior appointment booking on the Kunstmuseum website is required for the visit.

City Archives and Memorial: Beginning Tuesday, June 1, the City Archives and City Historical Library and the Memorial will reopen to the public with negative test results. City Archives and City Historical Library hours are: Tuesday and Wednesday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the memorial is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visits are possible only after written registration, stating name and address (because of possible follow-up) and stating the desired duration and reason for the visit. For City Archive and City Historical Library the address is  lesesaal.stadtarchivbonnde, for the memorial  gedenkstaettebonnde. Wearing a medical mask or FFP2 mask is required at all times while in the City Archives and City History Library rooms.

The City Museum will be closed during the month of May.

The City Library will continue the current contactless pickup service for ordered items and contactless media return (no test proof; media pickup by appointment).

Ludwig van Beethoven School of Music: Beginning Monday, May 31, 2021, face-to-face classes will once again be available for all students of all ages. Initially, however, teachers will remain free to choose whether to continue their classes in a face-to-face or online format. Classes for ensembles and small groups can also be held again in presence, provided it is organizationally feasible in terms of infection control. Group music lessons in the subjects of singing and wind instruments are only permitted in closed rooms up to a maximum number of five participants. The music school will check with the respective school administrations in a timely manner whether music lessons can be offered again in OGS and schools. The prerequisite for participation in a presence event of the Ludwig van Beethoven Music School is the presentation of a current negative test certificate. 

Volkshochschule: As of today, the Volkshochschule will open on June 9, 2021 - but only for participants of courses taking place, not for the general public. 

Theater Bonn: There are currently no changes for the theater. Closed until the end of the summer vacations.


From Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the Bonn-Information service will again be available by phone 0228 - 77 5000 and by e-mail  infobonninformationde from Monday to Friday in the time from 10 am to 6 pm and on weekends and holidays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Current numbers

Currently, 465 people in Bonn are infected with the coronavirus. In the past seven days, 262 new infections have been reported. As of Thursday, May 27, 2021, the corona incidence value is 79.5.

Currently, 1,071 Bonn residents are in quarantine. Since February 28, 2020, a total of 14,094 laboratory-confirmed Covid 19 cases have been recorded, of which 13,388 people are now considered recovered. 241 people from Bonn have died in association with the coronavirus. A 93-year-old man from Bonn is the youngest fatality; no information on previous illnesses is available.

As of 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 27, seven cases with the Indian variant of the virus have been detected in Bonn: three in an apartment building, three cases in two student dormitories, and one case in a family.

Meanwhile, 163,952 initial vaccinations against the coronavirus have been given in Bonn, and 51,501 people have also received the second vaccination.

As of Wednesday, May 26, the health department has registered a total of 3,186 cases of coronavirus mutations since January 28, 2021 (3,136 times the British variant, 2 times the Brazilian variant, 44 times the South African variant, 4 times the Indian variant). With a total of 277 SARS-CoV-2 cases during the week of May 10-May 16 and 179 new cases with viral variants during the same period, this represents a rate of 64.62 percent (British variant 64.62 percent).

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